Reptile systems Heat mat Review

Reptile Systems heat mat

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The Reptile Systems Heat Mat is one of the best heat mats we have used. We are now in the process of switching all of our heat mats to these.

Whats included?

  • Heat mat
  • Rubber Feet
  • User Manual

It comes with rubber feet, This allows you to raise your set up to allow airflow underneath. The quality of this product is amazing.

If you’re looking for a new heat mat then i really do recommend them. If you look at their social media pages you can see the amount of testing they do before the products are released.

Instagram –

Since using this product for our Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches we have since added them to our Dubia Cockroach Colonies.

Reptile Systems have taken the reptile hobby by storm! They’ve produced some amazing products and can’t fault any of them.
They have even been releasing products globally and are now available in the United states, Europe, China & Russia.

What makes them any different?

“The unique distribution of the heating ink on the sides of the Heat Mat allows for a gradual decrease of the temperature towards the heat mat edge which reduces the risk of glass bottom cracking. The uniformity of temperature is guaranteed because of the wide heating bands. Reptile Systems Heat Mat, unlike other heat systems allows the creation of a cooler area for your animals because it is installed on a side or under the enclosure.”

What do i like most?

  • The main thing that makes me want to recommend these to people is the amount of testing reptile systems put their products through.
  • Quality – You can just feel it, There is no random hot spots and there is a decrease of temperature towards the edge.
  • Price – The price isn’t too bad when you think about the rubber feet that come with it.


We purchased this heat mat from a company here in the United Kingdom called The Livefood Hub.

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