A little about chameleons

A little about chameleons

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Chameleons belong to the Chamaeleonidae Family, The shape and size of chameleons changes a lot. They can be the size of a coin to the size of an adults arm. Chameleons are a popular exotic pet due to their color changing ability and their passive nature. They can change colors to camouflage from threats, Communicate with other chameleons and to regulate their temperature. they also have a long tongue to catch their prey!

Chameleons can change color?

When chameleons are first born, They do not have all the bright colors that you see the adults display. They will gain their full colors when they reach around 5 months old. Various colors show different emotions such as stress, Temperature change, Joy and to communicate with other chameleons.

A little more about them

They have an extremely long tongue, This is to catch their prey. they are a slow moving reptile so their long tongue comes in handy to catch their food especially the flying insects. They have three toes, Two on one side and the third on the other. This allows them to hold tightly to the branches they’re climbing. Most species have prehensile tails, Although this is for the species who live their lives in the tree tops.

While they are kept as pets all around the world, They’re a very difficult species to keep. So if you’re looking at getting a chameleon, Do your research. Chameleons take a lot of work to be able to keep healthy and strong in captivity, And they’re not
a pet you can regularly hold.

When choosing your chameleon you should make sure that no health problems are visible. The Chameleon should looks lively and not drowsy. Females tend to be more dull than males and also can lay eggs. So you need to be prepare an egg laying site to avoid the female chameleon becoming egg-bound.

Most common Chameleon Species:

Panther Chameleons
Veiled Chameleons
Jackson Chameleons

Like its said above, Most of them don’t like to be handled and can be very stressful for them, and they should be kept on their own as they will fight and injure each other. They should have a set up with great air flow and lots of foliage to be able to hide.

If you’re looking for a good care guide then we recommend this one.

Scientists also found a new species of chameleon, Read about it here.

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