How long do crested geckos live?

How long do Crested geckos live for?

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How long do Crested Geckos live?

Crested geckos can live for 15-20 years in captivity, Though in some cases they can live much longer. Crested Geckos in the wild live much shorter lifespans with some sources saying only 3-5 years.

A lot can effect the lifespan of a crested gecko, If you’re not caring for them properly this will shorten their lifespan and so can breeding when it comes to females, That being said a lot can be done to make sure your gecko lives a healthy and lengthy life.

What can we do to make sure our geckos live long and healthy lifes?

New Knowledge about reptiles is coming out each year, In recent years people have found crested geckos thrive more when provided with UVB. If you’re not using UVB then Calcium with D3 needs to be used to make sure your gecko is healthy!

The correct diet for you Crested gecko can also make sure your gecko is healthy, We recommend emailing The Livefood Hub with any questions regarding diet.

If you are considering getting a crested gecko you must make sure you’re ready for the commitment. Although crested geckos are really cool creatures they need the right care and time to be healthy.

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