How long do ball pythons live for?

How long do royal pythons live?

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How long do Ball Pythons live?

How long do ball pythons live for? Ball Pythons also known as Royal Pythons are a great starter snake. They remain relatively small and are widely available. They can live for 20+ years in captivity so you need to make sure you have the time and resources to commit to them.

Ball pythons are a really popular species of snake, and some have been recored to live up to 30 years old!

If you are thinking about buying a ball python you need to make sure you can commit yourself for 20+ years. They will need heating for them 20 years and feeding. Although if you can dedicate yourself to a ball python then they will make brilliant pets!

Feeding Ball Pythons frozen thawed rodents is the best way to feed your new pet snake. The reason for this is because if you feed live rodents. Not only is it unethical and cruel but the live rodent can cause some serious damage to you ball python.

In the wild ball pythons eat live rodents but in captivity we should be providing the very best and eliminating any risks we can.

Fussy eaters?

Ball pythons can sometimes be known for being fussy eaters. If you end up with a ball python not eating then try Multimammate mice. These rodents nearly always taken by ball pythons as they’re what they eat naturally in the wild.

Please note sometimes when a ball python is fed on Multimammate mice, They may refuse to eat any other rodent. This isn’t always the case and i certainly haven’t had it happen but it has been noted by some breeders.

Ball pythons from different regions may have a longer lifespan. I know some ball pythons from the Volta region are much larger in size and may have a longer/shorter lifespan. Although this isn’t well documented yet.

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How long do royal pythons live?