Can bearded dragons eat grapes?

Can bearded dragons eat grapes

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Can bearded dragons eat grapes? 

Yes, Beared dragons can eat grapes. Grapes should be fed as an ocasional treat. Grapes are great for bearded dragons as a treat because they are high in fibre and calicum which great for reptiles!

How often should I feed my bearded dragon grapes? 

You should only feed grapes as an occasional treat, the main diet of bearded dragons should be vegetables and insects. 

The reason grapes should be an occasional treat for bearded dragons is because they contain oxalates.

Oxalates bind to minerals, meaning they will bind to calcium meaning your bearded dragon will not be getting all the calcium it needs. Calcium deficiency will lead to MBD if left untreated. 

How to serve grapes to your bearded dragon? 

feeling like a super chef? I get it, we feed our reptiles better than ourselves. You could chop the grapes up into little chunks and add on top of your bearded dragons normal food. 

If you feel like being super adventurous, you could try adding grapes around the enclosure and see if your bearded dragon will find them. (Keep track of where you placed them as they will dry out quickly) 

The latter option will provide great enrichment for your bearded dragon and would be great fun to watch too! 

The end…

Now we know bearded dragons can eat grapes, we can add them to the list of safe foods and the shopping list! 

Remember variety in your bearded dragons diet is always best, it makes sure your bearded dragon is getting all the nutrients needed and gives them a chance to try new foods. 

Grapes are safe to be fed to bearded dragons but as an occasional treat. 

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