Basic knowledge of keeping reptiles

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This article summarizes the basic knowledge and ideas you need to raise or buy reptiles.

This article is for those who have only owned hamsters but would like to have Leopa as well.

Please read it before welcoming reptiles!

I don’t miss

Suddenly there are no dreams or hopes! You might think that reptiles, with a few exceptions, can “get used to” but never “nostalgic”.

In short, it will be in a state of “it’s okay to touch it”, but it will not be in a state of “I want you to touch it! I want you to stroke it!”.

The “nostalgic” state is the development of communication between animals.

It is a phenomenon that occurs in animals that form herds and pairs, and animals that raise children.

For example, the degu is known as a small animal that is often nostalgic, but in the wild, this animal lives in a fairly neat social environment, and the hierarchical relationship between animals is so important that it cannot be thought of as a small animal.

In comparison, many reptiles do not raise their offspring after they lay their eggs or after they hatch.

We take a lifestyle of living alone from the moment we are born, without forming a flock.

Because of this habit, the concept of “nostalgia” itself is not in them in the first place.

On the contrary, the characteristics of animals that become “nostalgic” are

  • Raise children (nursing)
  • Act in a flock
  • Stay close to the other person after mating

And so on.

However, the fun of breeding is not limited to nostalgia.

Familiar individuals may come from themselves and appeal to them when they get close to the feeding time.

Honestly, even if you don’t know how many days have passed since you last fed, you can tell by looking at the reaction of the living body when you approach. Lol

You can fully enjoy the fun of growing up, such as the appearance that you sometimes show is growing bigger than before, and you can eat a little more food than before.

The more you grow, the higher the price

Mammals such as dogs, cats and hamsters are generally expensive when they are small, and generally decrease as they grow up.

Even those who have no experience in breeding mammals can imagine it.

But reptiles are the opposite, and many grow more expensive.

There are three main reasons.

  • Breeding babies is often difficult
  • Some individuals change color from baby to adult
  • Adults can be used for breeding immediately

Reptiles are often more difficult to raise babies than mammals, and some species are not recommended for beginners.

In addition, some babies are beautiful but dull when they become adults.

Of course, the reverse is also true.

Long feeding interval

You can tell that you have a small animal like a hamster, but I think you basically need to feed it every day.

In the case of reptiles, there are many types that should not be fed every day, although it depends on the type.

It comes from the fact that reptiles are poikilotherms.

Poikilotherms are different from homeotherms in that they cannot regulate their body temperature by themselves.

If it gets too cold, you need to go to a warm place to get warm, and if it gets too warm, you need to go to a cool place to cool your body.

(Therefore, a “temperature gradient” is necessary for breeding.)

This has the disadvantage that you cannot live unless you are in a warm place, but on the other hand, you do not generate heat yourself, so the energy for life support is very high. It has the advantage of requiring less.

For example, for adult geckos, feeding once every three days, and for adult snakes, feeding once a week is sufficient.

If this is a hamster, this is not the case.

Since hamsters are warm-blooded animals, their life-sustaining costs are high, and no matter how much water they have, they can easily endanger their lives if they are not fed for three days.

Reptiles can become overweight and “explode” if they are fed daily.

It is a survival strategy that takes the merit of “living with less food” and abandons the merit of “the body regulates body temperature”.

The longer the feeding interval, the less frequently you need to take care of it.

(However, please prepare properly so that you do not run out of drinking water.)

Die from anorexia

Even human beings may feel depressed and lose their appetite, and I think there are days when I’m tired of work today and want to go to bed without eating.

However, I don’t think there are many people who starve to death.

Unlike mammals, reptiles usually starve to death if they refrain from eating due to stress.

Therefore, in that case, you have to forcibly open the mouth of the living body and push the food into the throat, which is called forced feeding. Consider that the

more prone to anorexia nervosa, the more difficult it is to breed.

Some species, such as the blue-tongued lizard, eat everything and be more careful about obesity than refusal.

On the other hand, some species, such as chameleons, are very nervous and do not eat for a short time.


Breeding reptiles is different from mammals.

What I like about it is that babies are cheaper than adults.

It is only a merit for me to be able to get an individual that is fun to grow at a low price.

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Can bearded dragons eat grapes

Basic knowledge of keeping reptiles

This article summarizes the basic knowledge and ideas you need to raise or buy reptiles. This article is for those who have only owned hamsters

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