5 Recommended Reptiles for Pets

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This time, I will introduce reptiles recommended as pets and reptiles that are often bred!

This is a must-read for those who want to keep reptiles and those who want to know about major reptiles as pets!

I will introduce the types that are relatively easy to keep and are fun to keep.

The types introduced here are types that can be kept even if you live alone.

If you live alone and want a healing in your life, or want a reason to do your best, please take a look.

The following five types of reptiles are introduced in this article.

  1. Leopard gecko
  2. African fat-tailed gecko
  3. Crested Gecko
  4. Bearded dragon
  5. Corn snake

Basic information

  • Classification: Gecko (Leopard gecko)
  • Staple food: Live insects (crickets, mealworms, cockroaches, etc.)
  • Livefood: required
  • Busking: Not required

Recommended points

  • Since it is the most bred reptile, it is easy to obtain living organisms and information.
  • Rich in morphs (more than 100 types)
  • Relatively low breeding difficulty

Nicknamed “Leopa”, it is the most bred reptile in Japan.

Since the breeding population is large, information and living organisms are easily available, and there are a large number of morphs (breeds).

Wild species live in harsh environments, so they are strong and easy to keep.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to handle live bait.

If you have a roommate, get permission and be prepared to keep it.

  • African fat-tailed gecko (fat tail gecko)

Basic information

  • Classification: Gecko (Leopard gecko)
  • Staple food: Live insects (crickets, mealworms, cockroaches, etc.)
  • Livefood: required
  • Busking: Not required

Recommended points

  • Anyway, it looks cute and can be used by anyone
  • There are many morphs, though not as much as Leopa

Next to the leopard gecko mentioned above, it is the most popular species in the leopard gecko world.

It looks so cute as “Is it really a gecko?”, And even those who are not good at reptiles will say “This child is okay”.

It is a little more humid than the leopard gecko, but it is still easy to keep.

Please be prepared to use live food when breeding.

  • Crested Gecko (Crested Gecko)

Basic information

  • Classification: gecko
  • Staple food: Pangea, Crested Gecko Meal Replacement
  • Livefood: Yes
  • Busking: Desirable to have

Recommended points

  • If kept from an adult, it can be bred for life with only artificial feed.
  • Unusually handleable for a wall cholo (a gecko that sticks to the wall)
  • Looks cute
  • Not afraid personality

Until a decade ago, it was split in popularity with the leopard gecko as a reptile pet.

Currently, more leopard geckos are bred, but this species is also very popular.

Feeding is often a considerable hurdle when breeding reptiles, but if this species is bred from an adult, it can be bred for life with only artificial feed.

  • Bearded dragon

Basic Information

  • Classification: Lizards
  • Staple food: vegetables
  • Livefood: desirable (especially when young)
  • Busking: Needed

Recommended points

  • Get used to people
  • It looks cool
  • Anyway, it’s fun to keep

This species is also quite popular as a reptile pet.

Basically, reptiles don’t fall in love with humans, but bearded dragons recognize human faces and react when someone feeds them.

I don’t like being touched, but it’s a smart, dog-like reptile.

Since it is a medium size, a large cage is required, and it costs money to prepare the breeding environment (about 50,000 yen).

In addition, it is a type called “basking” that requires irradiation with ultraviolet rays.

Make sure to prepare in advance before picking up.

  • Corn snake

Basic information

  • Classification: Snake
  • Staple food: rats, etc.
  • Livefood: Required in some cases
  • Busking: Not required

Recommended points

  • Breeding is easy anyway
  • Introductory species for those who want to keep snakes
  • Rich in morphs (about 600 types)

Finally, I will change my mind a little and introduce the snake.

The greatest attraction of snakes is their abundance of morphs and ease of care.

The snake of the type “corn snake” introduced here is the most bred snake.

There are more than 600 types of morphs, and you can enjoy choosing them and creating the individuals you want.

As pets have been bred for generations, they are not the kind that will always bite when you put your hand in the cage.

Feeding is very infrequent, with juveniles feeding once every three days and adults once a week.

However, the food will be given by melting frozen mice, so you must be prepared for it.

If you are reluctant to put a frozen mouse in the freezer (especially if you live with it), you should prepare a freezer for it.

Let’s start keeping after clearing only the problem of food.


We have introduced 5 types of reptiles that are recommended as pets.

It doesn’t feel fluffy or fond of people like mammals, but reptiles look cool and are a lot of fun to keep.

Even if you have only one pet at home, you can find daily fun and work hard.

Please slowly find your favorite child.

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